Quickly copy the address from any browser

How often have you had to copy a web address from your browser? Try this little trick to save time.  Use hotkeys to select a website address, copy it, and then paste it into a document or email.

  1. Press Control + L to select the web address. This works in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  2. Press Control + C to copy the web address. This saves the web address in your computer clipboard.
  3. Press Control + L to paste the address into another application. This can be an email or Google Classroom.

Google Doc and Slide Address

This is a quick way to send a Google doc or slide address.  However, remember you will need to share the document before they can open the doc using the address.

What is the clipboard?

Think of the clipboard as a temporary place to store information. Any text you have selected will be copied to the clipboard when you press Control C. This works in any word processing or email application.  Control X will remove the selected text as it stores it in the clipboard.  This is handy for moving text around a document.

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