You can delay sending emails in Gmail and schedule your messages for a later time. I try to avoid sending work emails over the weekend. So, this is a great way to send emails at your convenience and have them arrive when it is more appropriate.

Schedule Delayed Gmail Message From Computer Browser

Step 1: Compose an email as normal. Compose an email as normal. From Gmail, click the Compose button.

Step 2: Enter your Recipients, Subject, and Body of your email message.

Step 3: Next to the blue Send button, click the up arrow. Then, click the Schedule send option to delay sending emails in Gmail.

Step 4: Click to select when you want your email to arrive. Gmail provides a couple of sensible options. Or, you can click Pick date & time.

Step 5 (Optional): If you click Pick date & time, then select the custom date and time for your email to arrive.

After selecting the arrival date & time, click the blue Schedule send button.

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How to Edit a Scheduled Email in Gmail

Step 1: Your scheduled emails can be found in the Scheduled folder under your Sent folder.

The number next to your scheduled folder is the number of emails scheduled.

Step 2: Open your scheduled email. The message indicates when the email is planned to be sent.

Click the Cancel send link to stop the email from sending. You can edit the email and reschedule or send it.

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