What is Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a bulletin board app used by teachers to create interactive assignments. A Flipgrid assignment (called a topic) begins with a video or other media prompt from the teacher. Then, students reply by creating their own videos.  This guide shows you how to get started using Flipgrid in your classroom.

Flipgrid Tutorial for Teachers (2021)

Benefits of Flipgrid

Flipgrid encourages social learning by allowing students to reply to each other.  You and your students access Flipgrid from any computer, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone.  Flipgrid is relatively safe and private for students. You only allow students with a school email account to participate.  Best of all, Flipgrid is free for all educators and students.

Flipgrid to teach social media skillsSocial Media

Think of Flipgrid as a social media sandbox.  We want students to learn how to responsibly interact with others online.  This is an online place for students to practice social interactions in a controlled environment without exposing students to online trolls.

Respond at their own pace

Being called on in class can be paralyzing. Some student will give their best work when allowed to respond at their own pace. Flipgrid allows your students to take their time responding and retake videos until they are comfortable with the results. A lot less stressful than being called on during a Google meet or Zoom call.

How to create a Flipgrid account

Start by visiting Flipgrid.com and clicking the Educator Signup button. If you already have an account, use the Educator Login link. Flipgrid is free for schools. So, make sure to use your Google or Microsoft school account. Remember, students do not need to create accounts to use Flipgrid.

Topics and groups

Flipgrid Topics & Groups

This tool is organized into groups and topics. You create a group for a class or a subject. For secondary school, you may create a group for each class hour. Topics are projects or assignments. You create topics wit