Add a co-teacher to your Google Classroom to allow teammates to better help you or your students. Co-teachers can communicate with and offer feedback directly to students. This article explains how teachers can help each other with Google Classroom Co-Teachers.

Who should you add as a co-teacher in Google Classroom?

Short or Long-term Substitutes

Some teachers will leave their Google login in the sub notes. As a network admin, this is a little cringy to hear. Instead, add the substitute teacher as a co-teacher to your classes.

Grade Level Teachers

Pull your teammates into your class as co-teachers. Make it as easy as possible to collaborate with grade-level teachers.

Special Education Teachers

Allow your special education team to offer assistance directly to your special needs students. Feedback and support may be more discreet in a digital classroom.

Admin Support or Coaching

A principal or teacher-coach may ask to be added to classrooms as co-teachers. Suppose a parent calls a principal to discuss an assignment. As a co-teacher, the admin could answer the question directly.

A math or literacy coach can offer feedback and help with lessons and assignments. Technology coaches can help you use tech in your lessons.

What can a co-teacher do in Google Classroom?

A co-teacher can do almost anything the primary teacher can do. As a co-teacher, you can create assignments, give feedback, and manage students. Co-teachers cannot delete a class or remove the primary teacher.

How many co-teachers in Google Classroom

The maximum number of teachers of co-teachers you can add is 20. G Suite for Education classroom can have up to 1,000 members. This limit includes teachers and students. These limits are found on the Google Help page for Google Classroom.

How to add a co-teacher to a Google Classroom

Transfer Google Classroom to Another Teacher

You may need to transfer a class if a teacher leaves the district during the school year. When a class is transferred, the primary teacher transfers ownership to a co-teacher. After accepting the transfer, the co-teacher becomes the primary teacher. G Suite teachers can only transfer a class to another teacher in your organization.

Important: The co-teacher must accept the transfer before the former owner’s account is deleted. It is possible some class features will not work otherwise.


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