What is Google Classroom?

This article is your jump-start into Google Classroom and shows the first step to creating your digital classroom.  Getting started with Google Classroom can be simple if you take it step-by-step.

Think of Google Classroom as a digital “place” to enhance your physical classroom. Teachers create digital assignments, track student progress, and give feedback online. Students complete assignments and communicate with teachers and other students using online tools. Parents may receive email reports showing student progress.

BONUS: Have a look at this Google Classroom Tutorial for Students.  This is often shared near the start of the school year to help students.

Share Media with Google Classroom

Classroom simplifies media. You can easily share digital documents, links to other sites, and videos. Capture learner’s attention with audio and animation. These resources are organized in your classroom, ensuring students can access materials anywhere at any time.  Sharing your lessons online allows your students to learn at their own speed. Students can view your lessons multiple times. They can also review from the comfort of their home.

Gets Better Conversations Going

New methods of communication are available in your digital classroom. Reach your students in ways that they find comfortable. Some students are shy and too nervous to speak in class. Google Classroom allows public and private comments between students and teachers. You can give feedback through audio and text notes. You can even share video messages with your class.

Real-time Feedback

You can give students feedback while they are working. You do not need to wait for them to hand in an assignment. Provide them with the personalized learning they need when they need it.

Reduce Paper Shuffle

Dealing with paper costs valuable time. Consider how much time you spend making copies and handing them out in class. With Google Classroom you assign a digital assignment with a few mouse clicks. Bonus: Students can’t claim to have lost the assignment. It’s always online.

Save Money

School budgets are shrinking every year. Printing a black & white page costs around $0.02. Color is around $0.20 per page. That adds up quickly. Spend less on printing and focus funding on other priorities.

Familiar User Experience

Google Classroom has a similar look-and-feel to other Google G Suite applications. As students and teachers learn one application, they will be more comfortable with others.


You and your students can use Classroom on almost any device. Chromebooks, home computers, tablets, smartphones.

Downsides to Online Classrooms

The good comes with the bad. Relying on a digital classroom could result in less direct interaction with a teacher. The absence of student-to-student interaction could make learning less social. This could reduce motivation to learn. Learning needs to be social.

Video: Getting Started with Google Classroom: Create Google Classroom

Google Classroom Getting Started Step-by-Step

  1. Log in to your school district account in Google Chrome.

  2. Click on the App Launcher in the upper-right corner. Then, click the Classroom icon. Or, visit the Google Classroom website.
    Find Classroom in App Launcher

    Find Classroom in App Launcher

  3.  The first time you visit Google Classroom, the site may prompt you to select if you are a Teacher or Student. If so, select Teacher to continue.

  4. Click the “+” symbol in the upper-right corner. Select the Create class option.
    create class

    Create a Class

  5. The Class name is required for all classes. The Section, Subject, and Room are optional fields. After entering your Class name, click the Create link to continue.
    Name your class

    Name your class

  6. (Optional) Your class will have a random theme selected. This will affect the background picture and text color of your class site. You can change the theme by clicking the Select theme link.
    Select a theme

    Select a theme

  7. From the theme Gallery, select a theme for your class. Then, click the Select class theme button.
    Choose theme from gallery

    Choose theme from gallery


Setting up your Google Classroom is just the start.  This is part of a series of Google Classroom tutorials.  Next, learn more about using the Classroom Stream to communicate with your students.  Elementary teachers typically have a single Google Classroom for their grade.  While secondary teachers suggest having a separate classroom for each class period or section.

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