In this article you’ll learn how to sign up for and use Google Voice.  Google Voice is free for most people and allows you to make phone calls and send text messages. You’ll need a personal Google account and another mobile or landline phone number to get started.

Google Voice for Personal vs. Business

Voice is free for personal accounts. Personal accounts are any email address that ends with Business account have custom email addresses. Google Voice is not free for business accounts. To create a free Google Voice account you must have another mobile or landline phone number.

How to sign up for Google Voice

First, lets see how to create your account. In this article I’m using the Chrome browser. But, you can use your favorite web browser. To sign up for Google voice visit Click the For personal use button and select Web.

Sign up for Google Voice

Google Voice Notifications

Voice will ask for permission to show notifications. This will show an alert when you receive a phone call or text message. I suggest clicking Allow. Otherwise, you could miss a phone call or message.